On/Off - Here we go!

I love snowboarding!

It has changed my life in many ways. It helped me to find the motivation to lose 30kg.

More about snowboarding

Being healthy and becoming stronger

Through various life events I've learnt that you busy is the most precious and only real thing you own. I will always be working of keeping it a healthy, strong and fit home for my mind.

And this is how I do it

Online business need more than a presence

As online advertising specialist and entrepreneur I've seen and developed various online strategies. Some very successful ones.

Want to know more about my vision?

Live life

Friends & family are precious. Have fun with them!

I am a most of all a builder and growth hacker.

My heart beats for innovation, improvement and growth. Personal & professional.

Lifelong student

My thirst for knowledge and understanding is never ending. I belief that standing still is the same as deterioration. This means that learning is a fundamental part of my life.

"Leef het Leven" of "Live life"

Life is shorter than you would like. So love fiercely, have fun and get out if your comfort zone. This is what I do, together with the love of my life, Kimberly.

The only way is forward, the only reality is now

I am positive about the future and our use of technology. I call myself a (newbie) futurist because of it. But I cannot live in the future. I live in the now and playing with being a futurist, mindfulness and being in the present is a very hard, but cool balance to strive for.

All work and no play makes Harvey a dull boy!

I do not take a lot serious and I am easy to smile and laugh. Although I can get stuck in a serious mode and do horse around.

Happening here and now

This is happening in my reality, my head and my life. Positive, negative and ever changing.

Mijn spekpercentage moet omlaag. En slowcarb moet gaan helpen.

Gisterenavond ben ik aan de 4 hour Body begonnen en ik wil echt mijn spekpercentage verlagen. Ik zit vandaag op de 22,4% en mijn doel is 11% binnen de komende 3 maanden. Kortom op mijn vaders verjaard[...]

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Cascading to anger

Yesterday was a particularly stressful day. To be honest it just was a lucky day for me. A lot of pressure at work. Annoyance at everything not seeming to go my way. Having to cycle through the rain, [...]

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Steep: The Game I’ve been dreaming about.

So “Steep” got announced at E3. And I went bonkers. This is the game I always wanted. Since I know I won’t be a back country snowboarder anytime soon, but I would love to have the id[...]

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