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VR gives is the next stage of creativity

Virtual reality is seen as the next thing in gaming.but with a few changes it might become the biggest playing ground for mankind.  Imagine a VR application which helps you build VR software. A virtual coding platform in which you do not write code, but form VR software. It would be awesome because everyone can […]

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Cascading to anger

Yesterday was a particularly stressful day. To be honest it just was a lucky day for me. A lot of pressure at work. Annoyance at everything not seeming to go my way. Having to cycle through the rain, 3 times in one day. Not able to find anything because my girlfriend tidied up. My cat […]

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So… changing eating habits

It just needs to be done. I’m not on my perfectly tuned diet yet and I won’t be… ever. I treat my diet as a great big experiment. Testing it and nog being too strict. In my experience it’s the only way to go. Because temporary diets and detoxes suck! And for hardly anyone I […]

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So… Calisthenics is the method of choice

Well the reasons are quite simple, I need to work on my balance (because snowboarding and volleyball), I need to become stronger without doing dumb stuff (lifting heavy objects without a purpose) and I love learning new things. With Calisthenics I do all of that. I’m learning new balance skills by lifting a useful heavy […]

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Pushing yourself into flow

Or in this case a runners high, is awesome. I know I can run a 5 minute and a bit average per kilometre. But I’ve never done that during an interval training. So yesterday I felt great at the start of the interval training. So I decided to push, to push really hard. So my […]

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