Yet to be filled

So… changing eating habits

It just needs to be done. I’m not on my perfectly tuned diet yet and I won’t be… ever. I treat my diet as a great big experiment. Testing it and nog being too strict. In my experience it’s the only way to go. Because temporary diets and detoxes suck! And for hardly anyone I […]

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So… Calisthenics is the method of choice

Well the reasons are quite simple, I need to work on my balance (because snowboarding and volleyball), I need to become stronger without doing dumb stuff (lifting heavy objects without a purpose) and I love learning new things. With Calisthenics I do all of that. I’m learning new balance skills by lifting a useful heavy […]

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Pushing yourself into flow

Or in this case a runners high, is awesome. I know I can run a 5 minute and a bit average per kilometre. But I’ve never done that during an interval training. So yesterday I felt great at the start of the interval training. So I decided to push, to push really hard. So my […]

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How do I find my flow?

I’m reading “The rise of Superman”, an awesome book about “flow”. For those who do not know or understand the term. Flow is a state of mind in which we can achieve complicated and risky things. In this state we are highly focus on completing complicated targets and goals, without really thinking about it. Extreme […]

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The Edge is where life lives.

The edge of your abilities is where you life starts. The edge of imagination is where the best ideas are. Exploring the edges of your world is very hard, mostly because of your social sphere and your own habits. Your friends will call you nuts, all of your internal alarms will go off. So… are […]

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