When you ask any person walking down the street, “What is economics?” Nearly everyone will answer something in the line of “The flow of money.” This is actually wrong. Money is not really a factor in real economics. It would be if money was something like a unit of measure, like an inch or centimetre is, but it’s not. A Dollar or Euro is a thing, a centimetre isn’t.

Economics in its general form, the way the public sees it, is not much more then a game. A game at which players win or lose. And this is not what it should be.

Economics should be our balance book. It should be the science of the balance of the planet and the science that keeps it healthy.  It should know what is available on Earth. What it can support and what it cannot. The science of economics should measure what is available and where it is needed.

But to do so we need a unit of measure for economics. And like I said before, it should not be money. The difficulty of a unit of measure for economics is keeping it simple, measurable and stop it from becoming a thing.

I don’t know what it should be, yet.

But while I am writing this, I am thinking about how to do this for myself. And that is an experiment which I am going to research and start. How am I going to  going to use technology, common sense and the science of economics to balance out my own resources and life. Maybe this way I’ll find this unit of measure.