The edge of your abilities is where you life starts. The edge of imagination is where the best ideas are.

Exploring the edges of your world is very hard, mostly because of your social sphere and your own habits. Your friends will call you nuts, all of your internal alarms will go off.

So… are you looking for the edge or going over the edge. This is a very fine en defined line, fear however is a very grey area, it’s like a fog hangs permanently over the edge your trying to find.

But how do we solve this… it’s not to blindly go. You have to build in safeties in the form of rules.

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When am I going to abandon that edge?
What will catch me if I fall over the edge?
How will I stop people from holding me back?
How will I convince myself to push on?

As soon as you’ve set you perimeters, go. Don’t wait. If you did not feel the edge, provide yourself more slack. When you just go over the edge. That thing that should catch you, will and you’ve found you frontier.

Go to work on that!