In the past… being normaal was the safe bet. Get a normal good paying job, work 40 hours a week and enjoy the 72 hours you got left cleaning your house and cooking dinner, watch TV, work out and see your friends.

I’m just writing that short “extra work”-list right of the top of my head and you and me both are thinking… that list is longer. And both of us are thinking “Fuck…. that sucks.

At this moment I do this too, work 40 hours and all that other stuff. But I know I am not going to do that the rest of my life.

Don’t get me wrong! I like my job, I am passionate about a big part of it. But is it exact what I want to do. Do I create something that fills me with pride and a sense of fulfillment. “I guess so…”

Within four years I will do something that will matter to me and everyone in my Tribe.

I will read this little post and think… that was the moment I told the world for the first time.