Angry as FuckYesterday was a particularly stressful day. To be honest it just was a lucky day for me. A lot of pressure at work. Annoyance at everything not seeming to go my way. Having to cycle through the rain, 3 times in one day. Not able to find anything because my girlfriend tidied up. My cat destroying my favourite jeans. Having to take public transport to go to a friend.

You feel these small things cascading, right. By the time my lovely cat damaged my pants I was fed up and I wanted to put him in the shower to teach him a lesson. But what lesson? He couldn’t help it that I was annoyed. Those pants were old and damage by wearing it a lot. I might as well have sat down and gotten the same damage.

But still you feel the cascade into anger, right? Stopping it in its tracks is hard when you are alone. This time I did it. I can’t say I would able to again.

I am wondering if you have a solution. Please tell me in the comments.