Keep learning

Learning is key to staying young. Physical and cognitive learning never stops. So if you ever hear someone say “I’m to old to learn.” Slap some sense into them.

How do I find my flow?

I’m reading “The rise of Superman”, an awesome book about “flow”. For those who do not know or understand the term. Flow is a state of mind in which we can achieve complicated and risky things. In this state we are highly focus on completing complicated targets and goals, without really thinking about it.

Extreme sports athletes enter the state when they do their death defying stunts. And when they don’t they die. They literally bet their lives on getting into the state.

I do not.. I want to. But I have not found the goal yet for which I would risk it all. It might be because I am too scatterbrained. But it just might be that I’m to scatterbrained because I am looking for that thing I want to risk it all for!

I’m hoping for the latter, because really I would love to find my passion for which I will risk it all and need flow to complete it.

Thank you Steven Littler for your awesome book.

Never stop learning!

You cannot teach an old dog new tricks…. forget it! Seriously forget that sentence because it is completely false. Every animal will never stop learning, even humans.

What does change is your ability to assimilate information, but it changes moment to moment, not by age. Being stressed hinders your ability to process the world and thus you ability to learn.

Your occupation hinders you as well, because the days bullshit will stop you from focussing. No, I’m not saying you should stop working. I am saying… take more down time between tasks and learn something small or a small part.
Or learn while doing “dumb” tasks by listening to audio books. Like while your driving, or gathering data from standard sources.

Learning is not a zero sum game. You can learn a whole lot in bits and pieces.